About Axxess ID

Axxess Identification is a leading business in the design, manufacture and distribution of electronic access control, environmental monitoring and security management systems.


Established in 1994, Axxess ID started as a specialised UK distributor for a range of access control products.

From early on, Axxess were involved with integration, providing solutions for customers' requirements, eventually turning into full development of complete access control and environmental systems. 

Axxess ID is now a leading manufacturer of integrated access control solutions with in-house design of hardware, firmware, software and mechanical design.

With many systems throughout the world, in a variety of sectors including retail, telecoms, government, hospitals and emergency services. Our systems out-perform other products and systems specifically in high security applications with multiple sites. The plug and play features minimise installation time and enhance security levels by reducing and simplifying maintenance and complex settings. 


Axxess ID is known for its innovative approach, providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of markets and industries. From single door facilities to multiple sites with thousands of users, Axxess ID has the solution.  Our security and monitoring solutions are constantly being developed and enhanced to provide the security needed to protect  your organisation.

Utilising existing investments

Axxess ID are highly skilled security specialists, with experience in large, complex systems and roll-outs.  We can assist in long-term security optimisation and planning, including the use of existing equipment, together with integration solutions and card management.

Many integrated solutions require a clean-slate, abandoning existing equipment and investments.  Axxess support over 186 card technologies, we can utilise existing investments and provide a seamless changeover to the latest secure technologies complying with the latest BS EN standards.  Security technology and standards are constantly evolving, increased security risks are posed due to card-cloning and failing card management procedures which are often under-estimated.  

Technical Expertise

With an ever-increasing support network and distribution channels all around the world, we are able to successfully support our customers across multiple markets and industries.

We take pride in our technical expertise specifically within the security industry sector and the ability to offer a comprehensive, well-thought-out range of products. 

Besides complete access control and environmental monitoring systems, Axxess Identification also offers a full range of OEM private label products for example appropriate readers and card technologies, along with data converters for system integrators and other security manufacturers worldwide.