AX50 FAQ's

How many users does the AX50 system support?

The AX50 supports up to 500 users in total, they can be any combination of users with cards, keyfobs or PIN codes.

Does an AX50 program card open the door?

No, program cards do not function as a normal card, they are used for programming the system eg. adding or deleting users, changing the system settings.

Why does the door lock when I use a card?

The relay connection is wired as NC (normally closed), this needs to be NO (normally open) or vice-versa.

Can the door status be monitored?

No, the AX50 does not support door status monitoring.

Why does the door remain unlocked for too long / short?

The door open time is set too long / short, using the program card adjust the door open time.  The system is default set with a door open time of 5 seconds.

Does the AX50 controller support multiple program cards?

Yes, each program card is unique and you can use the program cards in multiple controllers, just read them in like a normal card or keyfob.  When you go into program mode remember to use the same card to exit programming mode, or wait for the controller to time-out.

How do I reset the controller back to factory default?

Use the program card four times to clear the memory and reset back to factory default.  If you have lost the program card you will need to reset the hardware.

Can I use AX50 cards on AX100 and AX200 / AX300 online systems?

Yes, as long as you are using 125khz technology readers on the AX100 / AX200 / AX300 systems, you can use the same cards / keyfobs.

I'm having problems adding PIN codes in programming mode - the keypad does not appear to be functioning correctly - what shall I do?

Try turning the power to the controller and reader off, wait for a for seconds before re-powering the controller and reader back on.

The AX50 memory has been erased - what's happened?

This is caused by back EMF from the lock or solenoid - a competent installer needs to fit a diode.

Can I have users with a card or keyfob and other users with PIN code on the same system?

Yes, you can.  If you require card and PIN code you will need to purchase an AX100 system or use AX200 / AX300 online systems.

Can I upgrade the AX50 system to an online system?

Yes you can.  The AX50 can be upgraded to an AX100 standalone or network version - for connection to an AX200 network controller.  The upgrade consists of a firmware upgrade and an additional communication PCB.

I've lost the original program card - what can I do?

Each program card is unique and therefore each one supplied is encoded differently.  As this is a security product - there is no 'back-door' into the system.  You will need to purchase a new program card and do a hardware reset which will revert the controller back to factory default settings.  All cards / keyfobs / PIN codes are erased.  You will need to all the card / keyfob / PIN numbers in order to add them back into the system afterwards.

Why do the LED's on the reader go off and restart when I use a card or press the REX button?

This can be caused by back EMF.  Check that a diode is fitted - please refer to the quick guide.  Also make sure that, if using a magnet lock, it is set to 12V.  If there are two jumpers on the magnet lock PCB, it could result in it being set to 24V.  Check the magnet lock instruction. You should also check the voltage of the power supply output - this should be between 11 and 14VDC.

Why does the door remain open and only locks when I press the request to exit switch?

The LED on the controller is continuously green without a flash.  This indicates that the REX input is always closed.  Change the connection to normally open.

What card technology does the AX50 use?

AX 125khz technology.  The AX50 only supports cards and keyfobs supplied by Axxess ID. Mifare, HID iClass and third party 125khz products are not supported.