RMA Procedure

Should there be a product failure or material defect during the warranty period, the product will be repaired or replaced*. Non-warranted product(s) will be replaced at the client’s expense.

The client must, comply with the following procedure in connection with any request for product repair / replacement:

1.   Inform Axxess Identification that client has a defective product(s).

2.   Provide Axxess Identification with the following information:

•      The part number and serial number of the unit(s).

•      The description of the failure/defect.

•      The original Purchase Order number or Sales Invoice number.

3.   Axxess Identification will issue a Return Material Authorisation (RMA).

4.   Package the goods in their original packaging to avoid damage in transit, place a copy of the completed RMA form in the box and clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of the package.

5.   Axxess Identification will investigate the failure / defect from the description provided.

6.   The product will be repaired / replaced and returned to the client.

*  Should the Product be subject to minimum order requirements, a credit note will be issued and the client should place a new Purchase Order in accordance with any applicable minimum order requirements (as used for all new sales orders).

In the event that a Product is evaluated and no defect is found, it is at Axxess Identification’s sole discretion to charge a minimum £25.00 or equivalent to each Product, whether under warranty or otherwise, for the labour required in the evaluation.

Product Repair

Axxess Identification provide a fixed price product repair service, each product is published with the associated fixed rate for repair.