WR-AX01 Wireless Receiver 

The enhanced Ethernet IP network receiver allows local and central management of Inovonics wireless devices.  The network receiver supports LAN and WAN with local transaction storage in case of network delays or failures.  

The controller provides three relays for backward compatibility with existing systems or for connection to other systems. Pendants can be assigned to individuals either manually or automatically through the optional card reader.

Presenting the pendant followed by the users proximity card will automatically assign the pendant to the user.  This will provide centrally detailed information of the user and location on the graphical maps.

A test card can be assigned to allow a user-friendly walk-test with a standard pendant avoiding the need for specialist test equipment.  LED’s indicate alarm conditions, server online, power supply and battery backup conditions and walk-test feedback. Existing receivers can be upgraded to the network version, whilst maintaining the existing communication. This enables dual-path communication and also centrally provides alarm type, user location and man-down details.

Technical Data

Weight: 535g (18.87oz)

Dimensions: 220 x 145 x 50mm (8.66 x 5.7 x 1.96”)

Power: 12VDC 350mA, reverse polarity protected

Ethernet: LAN & WAN support 10Mb

LED Indicators: Blue—power and diagnostic OK

Red constant — alarm

Red flashing — tamper alarm

Green 1 — receiver OK

Green 2 — reader OK

Green 3 — server online

Orange 1 — link light OK Ethernet

Orange 2 — channel A alarm

Orange 3 — channel B alarm

Input: Power supply and back

Relay 1: Channel A alarm 5A volt free, NO NC C

Relay 2: Channel B alarm 5A volt free, NO, NC C

Relay 3: Tamper alarm 5A volt free, NO NC C

Software: CMAX and AX Enterprise

Part No. WR-AX01