Senstar Perimeter Security Module

Senstar Perimter Security Module Features

  • Can be accessed anywhere there is a standard web browser
  • Complete control of system including door access, environmental monitoring, pre-alarms and CCTV
  • Robust buried cable, ideal for utility sites
  • Can be networked to create a continuous perimeter
  • Invisible radar detection field
  • Alarm pinpoints exact location of trigger and perpetrators direction of travel
  • Alarm notifications via SNMO, encrypted email, Alarm screen and EMap/Floor plans
  • Management of system can be via smartphone
  • All transactions logged for complete traceability

The Senstar Omnitrax module is an optional software interface to work alongside the AX Enterprise enabling precise and recorded remote monitoring and control of the Omnitrax system.

Technical Data

Cable Distance :>400m per processor

Burial depth: 23cm in soil / 6cm in hard surfaces

Velocity response: capable of detecting humans weighing more than 77lb at speeds of 5cm/s

Power requirements: Integrated internal 5Ah battery backup per processor

Input power range: 10 to 48 vdc to a max 9w

Operating temperature: Between –40° and 70°c

Detection field dimension:
Height: 1m above ground
Width: 2m for single cables
Depth: 0.5m below ground

Relay activation time: Programmable from 0.125 to 10 seconds

Sensitivity: resistant to vegetation (up to 1ft tall), wind, rain, snow, hail, magnetic effect or blowing debris

Part No. 104-234