Environmental Monitoring Module

The AX Enterprise environmental monitoring provides extensive monitoring and control of cabinets, server racks, building and critical equipment rooms.

With a wide range of sensors like temperature, humidity, power, dust particle, smoke flood etc. any environmental changes can be detected early to avoid damage to critical assets and interruption of the business critical areas or equipment.

The plug and play sensors can be connected to a range of controllers with or without access control interaction to automatically shunt specific sensors.

Sensors can be set to monitor and report on low, pre, high and change values.

Sensors are represented on the floorplans with icons showing status and alarm conditions, events can trigger actions like email, sound, CCTV, script files, access point mode change, relay groups etc.

Early detection of temperature changes, flood or power loss can avoid costly damage or down time.

All conditions are monitored from the AX Enterprise providing a single operator interface with easy to use controls.