Enterprise Software Lite

Enterprise Software Features

The AX Enterprise lite is a multi-user graphical system for monitoring and control of small and medium size installations for a single site. For protection 24/7 the system provides extensive features for the management of access control cards and door monitoring. 

Doors and monitor points are represented on graphical maps which are easy to set up and control. With up to 4000 card holders, 128 time zones and over 70 card holder database fields including department, employee number, car details etc. 

Optional integration modules are available and upgrading to the full AX Enterprise is a simple automatic process for when multiple sites or more operators are required. 

IP access control with high security mode, door schedules, manual import, fire roll call, start date/end date, door monitoring, extended email functions, photo ID capture and printing, floor-plans, web browser for client stations, 3 simultaneous operators, up to 64 doors, 4000 cards, 128 time zones, alarm monitoring screen, presence list wilt automatic print out on fire alarm or operator. Photo verification, door control including dead lock, high security, latched mode, buddy mode. Multi card format support. IP camera live view, device management including flash network upgrade, fast card download and modify, interactivity, card holder batch modify, Car park, building and area counters with action groups.  Environmental monitoring with support for over 36 sensor types including temperature, humidity, flood, dust particle, energy monitoring, I/o monitoring etc. Alarm conditions can be set for low, high, pre-alarm and change alarm with automatic shunting based on access control actions. 

Other available software options are: 

  • Dual Redundancy 
  • SNMP manager 
  • Senstar perimeter security 
  • Cyber seal network security 
  • Biometrics 
  • CLIQ key management 
  • Milestone plug in 
  • CCTV integration 
  • Aimetis CCTV analytics 
  • Pinpoint staff protection 
  • SQL database linking 
  • Card encoding 
  • Interlock multi-nested groups 
  • Arc alarm receiving center