Enterprise Software - Dual Redundant Module

The AX Enterprise Dual redundant option provides “true” dual redundancy with automatic changeover in case of PC/Server failure.  Both the master and slave are running and are synchronised simultaneously.

The dual redundant slave server can be located in different buildings.  In case of a network failure between the buildings both servers could become masters and continue to operate on their own and resuming master and slave upon reconnection.

Dual redundancy also simplifies software upgrades and maintenance by taking the slave off-line for upgrade and maintenance to be then used as the master for the second upgrade.

All system settings, cardholders , photo ID pictures etc. are automatically updated between master and slave, providing resilience and improved security.

AX door controllers will also automatically connect to a slave if the master fails to respond.

Please note, not all third party integrations / software modules can provide dual redundancy, please check with Axxess ID with your requirement.

Part No. 104-229