Enterprise Software - Cliq Key Control


Enterprise Software - Cliq Key Control Features

  • Key control integration
  • Issuing & management software
  • Multi-user environment

The AX Enterprise access control provides online access control for real-time monitoring and control, as well as key control based on integration with the Abloy Cliq™ system.
This solution provides a single platform with simplified issuing and management of cards, keys and staff protection wireless pendants. Key management is often a big issue in larger organisations and at remote sites. Lost keys require replacing of cylinders and all other keys at a great cost and with increased risk during the time.
With online access control providing real- time information of access to the building and site attendance, adding Cliq™enhances security on doors/cabinets where online access is difficult or economically unviable.

The dual security Cliq™ cylinders provide easy and quick to retrofit, high security cylinders with access groups, time schedules and full audit trail for those applications where online real-time is not a requirement. Keys provide the battery power for the cylinder electronics to identify the user. With a battery life of 10 years and storage of 1000’s of transactions in the key as well as the cylinder, it is ideal for harsh environments where reliability is important. With full encryption in the key and cylinder, data is exchanged at high speed on insertion of the key. A single beep and LED indication shows the user the key has been accepted and the key can be turned. Triple beep and red LED indicates no access right for the cylinder.

The IP57 rated keys have, in addition to the mechanical security, the access rights for up to 3500 cylinder groups which can easily be modified. Updating and reading transactions are through the wall mount programming device.

The key can contain the online access control proximity element allowing a single key for online access and key control.

(PD). PD’s are connected over the LAN/WAN and located at convenient locations for users. Full scale traditional master keying can further enhance the system if required.

With keys having the ability to time-out after an individually programmable period, users are forced to "update" their keys at a wall mount PD ensuring transactions are uploaded to the server and if required, new access rights can be downloaded into the key.

The large range of cylinders are easy and quick to install, minimising installation cost. Cylinders hold up to 1800 transactions as well as a blacklist of keys as an additional security level.

For mobile applications a Bluetooth PD is available which utilises standard mobile phones to update the key.

Batteries can be easily exchanged and the software provides battery management features to simplify notification of key holders to have the battery replaced long before it runs out.

The range of cylinders and locks include weatherproof pad locks, cabinet locks, euro cylinders, rim cylinders etc. in various sizes and finishes making retrofitting straightforward. Optionally, doors can be fitted with the Inovonics wireless door/lock sensors. This provides real-time status of the door and lock preventing doors being left unlocked. The graphical maps display icons for Cliq cylinders and the door status simplifying and enhancing remote management. The long-range industrial wireless receiver connects to the LAN/ WAN network with a range of up to 1200 meters (line of sight) with the option for larger and complex sites to simply add repeaters to extend the

range. The Inovonics wireless infrastructure can also be used for monitoring other wireless sensors eg temperature, smoke, contacts etc. as well as staff protection pendants.

The cardholder database contains all data per cardholder with card, key details and the multi-user environment allows for card and key modification from anywhere through Windows Explorer by authorised operators.

Part No. 104-226