Enhanced Dust Particle Sensor

Enhanced Dust Particle Sensor Features

  • Increased air intake for environments with airflows
  • LED’s on the front of the unit clearly indicate online, fan speed stable, reading and cleaning function
  • Calibration function allows for specific monitoring of various applications
  • Self-cleaning function makes the sensor ideal for harsh environments and minimises maintenance.
  • Daily cleaning function is monitored and programmable at a specified time, optionally a compressor can be connected (using an additional power cable) for increased air cleaning.

The enhanced particle sensor is an advanced sensor to monitor particles in the air from smoke and dust.

The monitored and controlled fan draws in air at a constant rate and is continuously sampled and measured with an optical

infra-red sensor for minute particles. The programmable fan speed and alarm levels enable this sensor to be used in rooms (small and large) with greater airflow.

The low alarm provides feedback if no air flow has passed the infra-red optical sensor.

Pre-alarm, high alarm and change alarm provide fast and accurate response. All values can be modified and adjusted remotely. Reporting intervals to the central software can be programmed, alarms are sent immediately if specified values are exceeded, minimising network traffic.

Sensor settings provide fault alarm for the unit and fan speed.

Each sensor connects to the i-BOX and AX300 family as a standard plug and play sensor. The i-BOX and AX300 controllers allow for remote monitoring over industry standard Ethernet based on exception monitoring.

Cable Distance

Standard cable length is 2.5 metres.

(Optionally increased to a maximum distance of 15 metres using an additional sensor power cable)


ABS Plastic

Supply Voltage

Supply from iBOX or AX300. 12vDC 250mA max with Compression option 650mA Total

Operating Temperature

Air Intake

Programmable fan speed Standard5000 Rev

Cleaning 12000 Rev 11.7cfm

Compressor Valve option

Regulated air supply 1/8 BSP connection 2 Bar pressure


Volt free relay output Rating 5A 12vDC

Server controlled for local alarm output


180 x 120 x 60mm

Part No. IC-DPS-E