Electric Door Strike 125SD

Electric Door Strike 125SD Features

  • Latch position monitoring built-in as standard
  • Holding force 500kg (1100lb)
  • Fail-safe or fail-secure operation
  • Stainless steel faceplate & strike
  • Compact case
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to install

The 125SD is a 12VDC ANSI style security strike complete with stainless steel faceplate and strike for use on metal or wooden / timber door frames.

This easy-to-install strike can be used in both fail-safe and fail-secure environments, with the added benefit of a built-in sensor to monitor the latch position - a feature essential for all high security access control applications.

Technical Data

Material Case: Black coated zinc
Faceplate & strike: Stainless steel

Supply Voltage: +12VDC

Holding Force: 500kg (1100lb)

Operating Temperature: -5°C to +55°C (23°F to 131°F)

Current Consumption: 280mA at 12VDC (±10%)

Dimensions: 124.0 x 44.0 x 32.5 (4.88 x 1.73 x 1.28")

Operating Mode - Fail-Secure or Fail-Safe
To change the operating mode from fail-secure to fail-safe, simply change the location of the internal screw.

Part No. 310-207