Card Encoder Module

The AX Enterprise Card encoding module provides integrated encoding of Mifare Desfire cards with multiple applications and in line printing (photo ID) and simultaneous encoding. Encoding of multiple applications prevent the need for users to go round several departments to have applications added to their card. Examples are Vending machines, PC security, access control, biometric data and applications were multiple vendors have supplied equipment and the issuing of encryptions keys needs to be limited. Cards can be set with open or closed keys to allow other vendors to add data if required. For the AX Enterprise access control the system provides key management and encoding of feature encryption cards to change the keys in readers in a secure and efficient way. The in line encoding and printing provides the fastest and simplest way to produce high security cards in house without the complexity of encryption key management found with many systems.

Mifare Desfire cards are triple DES encrypted with AES128 bit encryption for each application up to 8K cards are supported.

Part No. 104-225