AX50 Kit

AX50 Kit Contents

  • AX50 Controller
  • Proximity & PIN Reader
  • 10 Proximity Cards or Keyfobs
  • 1 Program Card
  • Fixing Kit
  • Quick Guide

AX50 Kit Features

  • 1 door kit 500 cardholders/users
  • Request to exit input
  • Mix 'n Match - card/keyfob only or PIN only
  • Controller unit on the secure side of the door
  • Quick to install and easy to program using the keypad
  • The AX50 access control kit is a compact, standalone single door controller supplied with a proximity reader with keypad, controller and cards or keyfobs.

    Presenting the Proximity card within 10cm (4") of the slimline reader or entering the individual PINcode, automatically verifies the unique code and opens the door if access is allowed for the individual.

    The mullion-style reader is weather-proof, easy to install and fixed with the security screws supplied, allowing installation even in the toughest environments.

    The program card included, prevents unauthorised system changes - cards can easily be added and deleted using the built-in keypad.

    Part No. 105-050-X-CC
    Where X signifies Cards or Fobs and CC signifies reader colour
    WH - White
    BK - Black
    GG - Graphite Grey

    Program Card Part No. 205-222