AX300 - 1U

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  • AX300 - 1U with built in power supply. Use for 4 locking devices, 12 smart sensors & 2 readers.
  • AX300 - 1U with built in power supply. Use for 4 locking devices, 12 smart sensors & 2 readers.
  • AX300 - 1U with built in power supply. Use for 4 locking devices, 12 smart sensors & 2 readers.

The feature-rich AX300-1U controller provides true RFID access control security, intrusion, environmental monitoring and remote site monitoring within a single, 19” rack-mount solution. 

Each AX300-1U has an advanced integrated monitored power supply and battery charger for up to four locking devices, twelve smart sensors and two readers. The two readers can be configured as ‘in & out’ readers for a single door or as two ‘in’ readers for two independent doors.

The high-speed communication utilises industry standard TCP/IP and UDP for near real-time monitoring and control over local and wide area networks. The 3rd generation IP drivers minimise the amount of data making it ideal to run over existing LAN/WAN networks with limited bandwidth, even in large scale solutions with hundreds of sites.

All data is stored and processed locally to ensure continuous operation even if the network is unavailable. A wide variety of readers are supported including AX, Mifare, DESFire, HID, Felica, Hitag, magstripe, fingerprint, Tag-it, EM4x series with pincode option from 3 to 7 digits, user selectable.

Controllers can be added to the network using the plug and play software or using the built-in keypad and display to minimise installation time.

The high-end controller is, due to its single box solution, quick and easy to install with no need for external power supply or input/output modules. A 2 Ampere 12 volt battery (optional), provides emergency back-up in case of mains failure with central reporting of the fault. An automatic cut-out and conditioner ensures the maximum lifetime of the battery. The electronic fuses are processor-controlled and re-instated automatically with clear fault indication. A suite of diagnostics are built-in to aid the installer and minimise down-time.

The front panel LCD display and buttons allow the installer basic configuration of the controller, alleviating the need to take a laptop on-site. The LCD display also provides instant ‘at a glance’ system status.

The programmable door mode settings allow the security level to be changed at preset times to automatically open, normal mode, high security or buddy (2 cardholders required).

The IP-based controller supports 4,000 cardholders, 128 time zones and 4,000 transactions. This is expandable to 12,000 / 32,000 cardholders with 256 time zones and 8,000 transactions stored for larger systems.


  • Computer rack security, with integrated environmental monitoring, providing permit to work and audits.
  • Building access control, with equipment centrally installed, provides easy installation and servicing, in one unit.
  • Street cabinets, single box solution for security, remote access and environmental monitoring of critical equipment.

Smart Sensor Ports

The AX300-1U provides 12 ports for any combination of add-on sensors.  This provides additional monitoring for example, light, temperature, flood, mains power and other critical conditions.  This ensures monitoring of the building and equipment 24/7.  Faults and alarms can be reported centrally, emailed, SNMP or directly to an ARC (alarm receiving centre).

Sensors provide advanced warning with low-alarm, high alarm, pre-alarm and rate of change alarm and provide analogue status information.  Each sensor can be configured centrally to set, for example, high temperature, low temperature etc and how often the data is reported.  To minimise network traffic sensors can be configured to read frequently but only report based on an exception condition.

All sensors have been designed to be plug and play and can be connected in any configuration or permutation to the input ports.

Part No. 

AX300-1U Controller 105-332-xx
12v 2AH Battery 105-324