AX200 2 Door Kit

AX200 2 Door Kit with AX Proximity Reader Contents
based on part number 105-202-AXP-X-CC

1 x AX200 TCP/IP controller
2 x AX100 network-ready controller
3 x controller fixing kits
2 x proximity reader (black or white)
2 x reader fixing kit
10 x proximity cards
1 x UTP CAT5e 2 metre patch lead
1 x installation / user guide

AX200 2 Door Kit with AX Proximity Reader Features
  • Total card management—access control, time and attendance, photo ID printing, exception and environmental monitoring
  • Up to 512 readers per site
  • Remote site monitoring for up to 4,096 sites
  • Standard query language (SQL)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP 10Mb communication Plug & Play LAN and serial connection Wide Area Network support 256 time zones
  • 65,535 access level
  • 2,000 cardholders - expandable in steps up to 32,000 per controller Transactions stored locally at the controller Time & attendance reports
  • Real-time Roll Call and ‘Who’s In’
  • Add / Replace card wizard Import/ Export database
  • New device wizard
  • Integrated support for standalone controllers with DTU (data transfer unit)
  • E-mail reports, alarms, exceptions Automatic database repair and maintenance PC database holds 65,000 cardholders Multi-language support
  • Easy to install
  • Supports multiple reader technologies
  • Selectable door open & extended door open time Deadlock
  • Door held open and door forced alarms
  • High security mode provides instant change of access levels
  • Latch function (permanent unlock)
  • Scheduled backup utility

The AX200 is an Ethernet based (TCP/IP) high-speed controller.  Two AX100 intelligent door interfaces can be connected to each AX200—with its modular design, the system can be expanded up to 256 controllers per site with 32,000 cardholders.

Part No.

AX200 2 door kit without readers/cards - 105-202

AX200 2 door kit with AXM ABS Magstripe reader - 105-202-AXM

AX200 2 door kit with AX Proximity reader - 105-202-AXP-X-CC

AX200 2 door kit with AX Proximity reader with keypad - 105-202-AXP-X-CC-K

Where X signifies cards or keyfobs & CC signifies reader colour.