AX100 Controller & Software

AX100 Contents

  • Controller
  • Fixing kit
  • Software
    PC to controller communication cable.

AX100 Controller & Software Features

  • Single door controller with PC software containing a host of features and wizards
  • Industry standard single-gang electrical back-box
  • Supports 4,000 card formats or 2,000 card and pincode
  • Use any reader type - Proximity, Magstripe, Wiegand etc.
  • SQL-based software
  • Plug and Play environment
  • 60 database fields including photos
  • Import and export function
  • Reporting Module - print and e-mail
  • Scheduled back-up utility
  • On or offline system

The AX100 is a stand-alone single reader controller, supplied with plug and play Windows software.

The compact controller supports up to 4,000 cardholders with cards being added or deleted using the easy-to use Windows software. The controller is not only small - it fits entirely within a standard single-gang electrical back-box but has no on-board jumper settings making it not only simple to install but a lot quicker than conventional controllers.

The plug and play features, which automatically detects the hardware, together with the built-in setup and test card wizards, ensures a fully operational system within just a few minutes.

The powerful SQL-based software includes over 60 database fields including cardholder photographs and vehicle details.

Although communication is to a single AX100 controller, the software can store data for thousands of controllers. Upon connection of the software to the controller, the unit is recognised via its unique identity number and the correct controller data is automatically selected.

The graphical interface is easy to use, even for those of you not familiar with the Windows interface. Lost or stolen cards can be quickly cancelled and replaced using the Card Replacement Wizard thus avoiding the need to re-enter all the cardholder data and also to keep track of previously issued cards.

The Card Management function provides a quick overview of the total number of cards lost, stolen, active and the total spares available enable re-ordering of cards when necessary.

Controllers, communication, card formats and batch loads are all set-up quickly and easily through the easy-to use on-screen wizards.

Part No. 105-100