AX100 Controller (AX200 Ready)

AX100 Controller (AX200 Ready) 


The AX100 network ready controller is designed to be used with the AX200 controller, the AX100 door controller has connection for readers, such as AX proximity, AXM magstripe or other 3rd party readers. There are dedicated inputs for the request to exit push button and door contact, with easy to follow colour coded connections. The lock output is a form C relay with common, normally open and normally closed voltage free contacts rated at up to 5 Ampere. 

The controller has non-volatile memory so in the event of loss of communication the controller will continue to operate.
The AX100 supports advanced cardholder operations including, normal, high security, latching and extended door open functions. 

+12vDC 45mA

Part No. 105-100-2