AX Hitag 1/2/S Proximity Reader

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  • 105-289-BK Hitag PIN Reader
  • 105-289-WH AX Hitag 1/2/S PIN Reader
  • 105-288-WH AX Hitag 1/2/S Proximity Reader
  • 105-220-BK-Y AX Proximity Reader 125kHz

AX Hitag 1/2/S Proximity Reader Features

  • Hitag 1/2/S card serial number (CSN)
  • Mullion-style slimline reader
  • Red, green, orange and blue LED's
  • Built-in buzzer
  • Low power consumption
  • Reading range 10cm (4")
  • Weather-proof, fully encapsulated
  • 2 metres of cable
  • Automatic changeover to two-way communication when connected to AX controllers
  • Reads many existing access control cards like Paxton etc

The Hitag proximity reader combines the user-friendliness of proximity reading, in an attractive slim design housing. With a typical reading range of 10cm, it allows fast reading of Hitag 1, 2 and S cards and key fobs, providing the unique 32 bit serial number of the card in standard Wiegand format. The Hitag reader is also available to read sectors of card data subject to end-user requirements.

The Hitag proximity range offers high reliability, consistent read range and low power consumption in a single easy to install weather-proof housing. The readers also have the advantage of audio visual indication - when the Hitag card or key fobs is presented to the reader, the tri-colour LED's indicate whether the card has been read.

Part No. 105-288-CC

105-288-CC - AX Hitag 125kHz proximity reader
105-289-CC - AX Hitag 125kHz proximity & keypad reader

Where CC signifies reader colour
BK - Black
WH - White
GG - Graphite Grey