Multiple Condition On/Off Pendant Transmitter

800-133 Features

The multi button pendant has a modern, ergonomic design specifically for wearing on a belt or waist-band. With 2 side buttons and 2 front buttons a variety of options can be configured for confirmed alarm conditions and “attention” alarms. The de-bounce time and combinations of buttons (if then logic) can be custom configured and modified due to the use of up-to-date flash technology.The typical battery life is 3 to 5 years, with 12 minute “link alive” messages. By using standard battery technology enables easy replacement and reduced life-time cost. Battery low conditions are transmitted direct to the receiver up to 60 days before the battery needs replacing. Key presses are confirmed by the built-in vibration unit and provide a clear indication of single button press and confirmed alarm. The optional built-in man-down function activates automatically using the double sensing technology on more than 75 degree position change in either direction. A pre-alarm vibration alert warns the user of an alarm condition occurring—the pendant can also optionally use the built-in sounder for additional indication to avoid false alarms.The clip is made from reinforced glass fibre to withstand industrial wear and tear. An out-of-sight led indicates link alive, button presses and alarm transmissions to provide an easy indication of the operation of the unit but is not visible during alarm conditions to others.

The programmable two stage logic of the buttons prevents false alarms on accidental key presses and can have any combination required to activate the two channel alarms eg first the 2 side buttons must be pressed followed by the front buttons for full alarm condition and only the two front buttons for attention. The programmable logic is ideal if existing pendants are replaced and users are familiar with a certain combination of button presses.The wireless technology is based on Inovonics proven Echostream which has for years been the most reliable wireless technology available.Long range sensitive receivers and repeaters accommodate the most challenging environments which only require a single interface, avoiding lengthy cable runs and additional hardware. Receivers are fully compatible with the range of wireless devices and when interfaced to the AX range enables seamless integration and central management for local and remote sites.The pendant is optionally available with integrated proximity technology with 125Khz, 13,56 Mhz or ultra long range 868 Mhz tags with identical ID numbering as the pendant ID numbering. This is specifically useful when used in combination with access control systems.

The multiiple condition on/off pendant transmitter is a four-button, multiple condition pendant transmitter, with the buttons configured for on/off applications. The multiiple condition on/off pendant transmitter must be used with an EchoStream universal serial receiver, security only serial receiver, or with the network coordinator. In addition, the application controller (e.g. control panel) must be designed to accept the on/off conditions.

Part No. 800-133