2U PSU Features

  • 8 x 1 Amp outputs total
  • 2 x 12VDC power supply modules
  • 2 fans provide cooling direct to the PSU modules
  • Tamper switch for lid
  • External Ethernet RJ45 connector
  • IEC 13 mains connector
  • Brush cable entry on the rear of the unit
  • Integral hinged tray
  • LED indicator panel
  • Space for 4 Lenel controllers
  • Mains input 90 - 240 volt AC
  • Full extension, front disconnect sliders
  • 2 relay outputs

The 2U PSU is a high end, fully-monitored power supply with processor controlled reset.

The 2U PSU is suitable for use in a 19" computer rack and is supplied as standard with brackets and full-extension sliders. The unit includes an intergrated hinged tray providing space for third-party control units eg. Lenel.

The PSU provides 2 x 4 monitored 12 volt outputs of 1 Ampere each - providing a total of 8 x 1 Ampere outputs.

Each output is electronically fused and controlled by a processor for automatic self-reset. Additionally, each bank of 4 outputs also have an electronic fuse for additional protection. The automatic self-reset prevents you having to manually replace fuses. Resets are performed per bank of 4. Two relay outputs are provided to allow central monitoring through the Lenel system, one for reset in progress and one for permanent fault.

The unit has two switch-mode power supplies with electronic fuses and current protection. Each unit is rated at 5 Ampere 12 volt allowing a theoretical output of 10 Ampere. Outputs available are for a total of 8 Ampere, minimising heat and allowing for start-up peaks of magnet locks.

Part No. 105-305
European mains Plug Part No. 105-305-EU